Tonight I watched my favourite TV program Q and A – happily tweeting comments in and pondered how interactive and curiously satisfying digital media can be. If we can only get ourselves under control in terms of distractibility we might gain so much.
How do we do this? Well- it probably comes down to old fashioned self-control- switching off at times and learning to choose our times wisely. And how do we teach this to kids? By modelling and setting limits! This media is so compelling and so NOW and IN OUR FACES- it’s not as easy as putting a bookmark in and sliding the book under the bed. Or is it? Are we making this much harder than it needs to be?

We need to crack this question open and view it from all angles. What happens now to kids in terms of digital media, imaginations, creativity, concentration and the wonderful sense of connectedness we COULD get if we get it right is in our hands. But we need to move fast and with wisdom.
ideas please? As educators we need some!

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