I had an email from an overseas colleague this week-suggesting I meet up with a person she knows who is working with children etc-she described him as “a humble man”.

It was so interesting to note my reaction-I immediately wanted to meet him-I am so sick of meeting people who are convinced they know EVERYTHING!

The sort of ferocious business networking that takes place amongst business people-especially amongst education business people is so boring and vacuous-they are all trying to prove they are the best, know the most etc-there is no real exchange of opinions or ideas. How boring! How can people learn when they are so convinced they’re right-they are then shut off!

This is not helpful for education-NO-ONE has all the answers-we must keep the children in the centre of the equation and search for the best most nurturing solutions for problems. We have to observe these children and be prepared to be surprised, delighted-and often WRONG!

So will I meet this “humble man” -this educator who still has an open mind-YOU BET! I CAN’T WAIT!

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