I am sitting up in bed eating a perfect banana in a Singapore hotel. Bananas have become an incredibly expensive fruit in WA due to floods etc so they have acquired an exotic, luxurious and almost deliciously forbidden nature for me!

This is day for thinking-catching up on report writing- breakfast and swim at the Tanglin Club-starting a new book-a day to ponder and enjoy-a jewel of 24 hours!

I think a lot about time because I notice-
1. How quickly it goes-how appallingly fast the years are flying by!
2. How no-one seems to have time to wonder/dream any more.
3. Kids are hassled/hurried/worried and restless from continuous activity
4. We feel guilty doing nothing!

And yet-NOTHING-this wondrous NOTHING is when SOMETHING can come-can plop into the soft, waiting space we created. If we have no spaces in our life-no fuzzy edges-no interstices-how can anything come in?
I find days like today, although preciously rare, are the true drivers of my soul and purpose. They are the days when God can whisper- “Come, consider this. Look at this possibility. Try another way”.
So I have this gift-this 24 hours to use or rather not to use-to just BE!


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