Once again-I have met many amazing teachers, parents and children during this trip to Singapore. Christmas is such a vibrant, happening thing here- brilliant lights, real trees in many places with scent of pine and shops all dressed up to entice- but………

the terrible deaths of those little kids in the States-how can this happen? How can a country jump up and down about the right to own assault weapons? I cannot fathom it – I hope their deaths lead to real change in the US. I cannot even imagine how those parents are feeling- such a tragic time-I doubt any of us will ever forget this Chrismas time!

And what bravery those teachers showed- sheltering the pupils, facing the gunman- the whole episode is too big to really sink in properly-so hard to imagine it could happen like that. This Christmas let’s pray, not pray-BEG for peace on earth and a safe place for our children!

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