Kids ARE allowed to be different!

Yet again we have had the unhappy experience of seeing one of our really bright kids labelled because he does not fit the educational mould! This is a young man with exceptional ideas, writing ability and very high maths logic intelligence. This kid will probably become a famous sci-fi writer or an inventor/scientist- this is of course unless the system manages to stick him in a box, shut the lid and label him learning disabled. (They have been trying for 3 years!)  Fortunately his brave and far sighted parents have been able to stand tall and show their belief in their son- but what a battle they have had!

Sure his handwriting is poor (so is mine!) and he goes off on thinking tangents when reflecting deeply (not unusual for a very bright person!). This kid also does not “play the game”. He yawns when tired or bored and is not interested in impressing the increasing number of eager “education box fillers” so totally skews their test results.

All my teachers agree with me- this kid is gifted yet learns differently! Why not nurture his talents and allow him to be the person God programmed him to be! As we keep up our slow march into Holy Week we would be wise to ponder and remember the wise men and women of history who were also labelled, not accepted and treated so badly by the establishment. Have we really come very far at all in 2014 years?457945197

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