Mr Lee Kwan Yew: A Modern Day Hero

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I am writing a children’s book about  TRAILBLAZERS – people who have forged ahead, been innovative, determined and achieved their goals. I find that children are desperate to hear such stories and sadly starved of them!

I have tried to focus very much on people children can identify with to help inspire them to “reach for the stars” themselves.
There are stories of kindness, cussed determination, a boy with learning difficulties who was determined to read, a woman who never goes anywhere without cat-food in her handbag and much more. Collecting these stories has uplifted and inspired me and I cannot wait to share them with children!

Yesterday, when hearing the sad news of the passing of
Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I found myself pondering his story. What a modern-day hero! This man showed incredible bravery during his life,  determination with his studies, such reverence for education, absolute love of country and amazing planning and organisational skills in order to forge the prosperous and peaceful Island state of Singapore. What a story!

His story needs to be studied by children and not just by Singaporean kids!

He was the leader we all joked about in the West with the threats of haircuts for long haired young men, passing through Singapore on their ways to the hippie trails of the India and the Middle East.

We had no idea what he was really doing. He couldn’t have cared less about our opinions! He just wanted the best for his people and he got it. That singleness of purpose is a unique characteristic that is hard to achieve but that plus his high values makes Lee Kuan Yew such an inspirational figure.

Yes – I know there are detractors who point out his faults but at the end of his days he died a HERO– a man who held steadfast to his vision. A giant of a man!

RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew- we have all learned so much from you. Let’s make sure your values and achievements are shared with children all over the world- these kids NEED and HUNGER for heroes in this sadly pessimistic, rather dark world we dwell in! You were the ultimate TRAIL BLAZER!

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