I see so many children without boundaries, rules, guidelines and my heart aches for them. It seems that many parents are not able to take up their responsibilities and manage their families. Parents ring up and complain,
” I can’t get him to behave, go to school, get dressed etc “, and we are talking about children 5-10 years of age!
When we get to meet these children they look scared as well they might be. The world is a scary place without rules, (try driving in Bali!) and it is the rules and the “edges” that keep us safe.

Of course as we grow we push out the edges and explore but in order to do that you have to know where the edges are! These poor children are allowed to lose their tempers, make inappropriate decisions and make choices that are far too heavy for young shoulders. Do we not love our children enough to model, demonstrate, explain and show kids the pathways that will lead to happiness and peace of mind

Enough of this- all parents take your power back and give your children the loving discipline they need. They don’t want fuzzy boundaries. They want to feel safe enough to get on with the job of being kids and exploring their worlds- both inner and outer. These children are lost in a miasma of fuzzy thinking and lack of clear thinking about parental responsibility. Let’s rescue them and give them all the protection, direction and loving guidance they need!

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