I was talking to a very dedicated teacher last week who told me she has lots of parents who ask if their children can have a “rest” from homework as it makes them angry and upset. I experience the same phenomenon- parents asking for a “rest” from learning for a couple of terms- often for children who are 2-4 years behind in their learning but have normal intelligence.
So why do they need a rest?
Why are parents saying things like:

  • “I just can’t get him to work”.
    “When she gets angry I just have to give in- it’s too hard!”
    “The pressure is too much.”
    “She won’t read.”
    “She refuses to learn her spelling.”
    “The program is not working.” (After 3 sessions!) What they mean is “My child is not working!”
  • Why is this happening?
    What is the “rest” from?-
    A happy future?
    Reaching a reasonable standard?
    A satisfying career?
    High self-esteem?
    A great sense of I CAN and resilience?

So- parents wake up and realise if your child has a problem with learning – stick at the chosen solution. If your child is two years behind, why do you think it will be cleared up in a few weeks? Yes- it WILL take hard work. Our teachers will identify problems and do their best to help your child. Your job is to ensure your child does their work. We prefer not to take children if their parents are not committed to helping them and able to insist on daily practice.

Of course children will whinge and complain. It’s hard work and they don’t want to do it! Do you like to do things that are hard?

Learn to ignore the constant negative stream and make them do the work anyway. They will thank you one day.

A colleague quipped recently, “Parents who give their children a rest should be a-rested!”
YOU are the parent and THEY are the children. This means YOU are in charge and as YOU are the adult- act like one and make sensible decisions that will benefit your children.
Tough love is more real than taking the soft option that will likely lead to a miserable future!


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