So what is really happening in UK? Why these terrible meaningless actions-violence/looting/innocent people losing lives/loss of property etc?
Where were the parents of the 11 years old/the 12 year olds etc??
This is so sad and is a real wake-up call for ALL of us-could easily happen here in Aus!
Some of these kids were needy/unemployed etc-but many were not. The divide between kids and their local community is so wide- kids are unlikely to torch the local corner shop if they KNOW them. The pace we live at and our poor understanding of what really holds communities together combine to create this sad situation. We are ALL responsible and we need to give these kids the time they need-to listen to them-see what they feel/need-listen to their frustrations and stop parenting at speed-it does not work.
Teachers need to make time to listen to kids-to note the troubled ones and to make sure they get the help they need. This is all EQ stuff in so many ways and makes me think EQ4KIDZ is probably our most important course!

And-community-how can we help young people to feel less alienated and a REAL part of our community-affirmed/loved/needed with their skills utilised and recognised?
Let’s learn from this and help these kids to healthy, happy lives and close this terrible divide between them and us-they need us and we need them! We are the parents/aunties/uncles/grandparents/teachers etc-we must re-connect and give real time to heal the rifts. This really is about social responsibility-OURS!

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