Wow! Too fast by half this year! I had a very busy week in Singapore then back here to Aus for rest/feasting and lovely empty time!

This is the blessed time for us-hot weather, cool pool and good books and time to dream. The interval between Christmas and New Year is like a special gift- no wrapping required-just enjoy the joy of time!

So I am escaping with numerous books and I notice that as this fiction section of my brain re-opens-so the ideas start to flow and I become excited about 2012-what does it have to offer? What can I offer this year? The image of the Magi following the star with the gifts is my chosen image this year-have been having fun making my overview of goals with this theme.

I love this “new” feeling to the year-as if the year is wrapped in precious fine, crisp white tissue paper and we cannot wait to unwrap and smell the newness and note the hidden bright layers to our days.

But-that is WAY too much sensible stuff for today-now into the cool pool to gaze at the dragonflies!

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