I taught Sunday School to some amazing little children this morning. I was trying to get a difficult concept across-Jesus saying “I am the bread of life”, and didn’t think I would get far at all. We talked a little about bread for our tummies and then about bread for our hearts-these kids were amazing. They just GOT IT! As they touched their tummies and hearts to show me they understood I looked into their eyes and realised what I have always known at a deep level. Children have the most incredible ability to understand symbols, signs and interpret spiritual teaching. They are more able to understand because they lack the sophisticated, cynical veneers we adopt.

Children have really high spiritual intelligence and crave these teachings. It is sad that we so often deny them the chance to have them.

Whatever faith background we have- let’s share it with our kids and they will eventually make up their own minds. At least they will have had the chance to learn.

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