An Inspirational Woman!







I caught up with my friend, colleague and “inspirer” yesterday at the Singapore Preschool teachers’ conference.

Dr Christine Chen is a bright, shining Jewel on the Singapore Preschool educational scene and I am proud to have been associated with a few of her myriad projects!

Christine commented to us, “My job here. has finished,” in response to the tremendous outpouring of creativity and showcasing of quality pre-school programs on show. She is both right and wrong!

Yes Christine- you have done an amazing job and what a transformation over the last 20 years but Christine- you are still needed! All your ideas, passion, clear thinking are needed on the world stage now as well as in Singapore. We ALL need you. The children around the world need you!

It is the Christine Chens of this world who humbly work towards helping children and transforming their world. People like this think clearly, stick to their visions, work incredibly hard and remember it is all about children. We all need models like Christine to inspire and lift us up!

Sorry Christine- your work will NEVER be finished but may your journey be blessed and joyous!


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