What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

I am in Singapore to conduct some workshops. On Sunday I took the chance to relax by the pool and prepare my mind for the busy week.

As I lazily let my mind slip into the relaxed surroundings and half-heartedly tried to read, I heard such a familiar chant. I was immediately transported backwards over decades to when I was a little girl.

“What’s the time Mr. Wolf?”

I am imagining the mounting excitement until it is time to be eaten! I listened to the squeals of terror and nervous giggles and so the old game is played out- this time with local kids from Singapore. This game has jumped geographical, historical and cultural boundaries and not even SLIGHTLY changed!

Kids love repetitive games like this- they have common elements-

  • Can be repeated easily- often for hours and hours.

  • Need no props and can be played ANYWHERE.

  • Kids of any age can join in

  • Have an element of chance and a good healthy dose of fear!

These games teach children to collaborate, cooperate, stick to rules and much, much more. Games prepare children for life!

They need plenty of time to play these games. PLAY is not an optional element in childhood- it is ESSENTIAL!

Without play, children’s social intelligence would be stunted and this can affect their whole future. Already, we require children to spend large amounts of time on homework and often “play” is confined to I-pad and You-Tube time.

If we are serious about nurturing children and providing optimal learning environments we MUST allow adequate time for play.

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