The ABC of Child Whispering: L IS FOR LOVE OF LEARNING

heart learning

If we want children to engage and reach their learning potential, they have to ENGAGE and LOVE the process.
That does not mean that learning does not get hard. In fact, children can really enjoy the bumpy parts if they feel supported and believe they CAN solve problems. This means that we have to use child-friendly themes and ensure we differentiate the learning. It can never be one size fits all!
This also means teachers need to research their children’s interests and to tweak the programs so ALL children can experience success.
It might mean asking for slightly less written responses or cutting back on homework requirements.
For very able students more complex reading material can be chosen. Luckily, with the huge amount of material available on websites devoted to children’s interests and text and work books readily accessible, this is not hard.
It is essential that parents understand their children are all amazing gifts and definitely do not all respond to the same teaching styles.
Some children need to move more as they learn and often respond well to visual stimuli. Others can easily concentrate and take in information in auditory ways.
We regularly conduct assessments for children to determine learning styles and both strong and weak intelligences. This allows us to offer more targeted tuition that will really meet students’ needs.
Parents and teachers who would also like to assess children’s predominant learning styles and strengthen weak intelligences can order a copy of ALL KIDS ARE SMART from us. (Order by emailing This book will provide testing tools and give you a HUGE amount of information for maximising children’s progress.AllKids are Smart Front Cover
Try to keep your tension away from learning situations. We know students learn more when relaxed and are therefore open to new information and experiences.
We can ALL love learning as long as we perceive it as possible!
Plan plenty of learning games and “hands-on”, active learning experiences. You will be rewarded by happier, more motivated students who feel EMPOWERED and LOVE their learning experiences!


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