The ABC of Child Whispering – N is for NO!

The ABC of Child Whispering


Why are parents and teachers so scared of saying, “NO!”?

When researching material for this post I came across many articles about creative ways to say “No.”

Save your energy for something really creative!

Just say, “NO,” and mean it! It’s not rocket science and your child will not develop a phobia or some deep psychological problem from this word.

I said it at least 10 x over a 2 hour very successful, happy teaching session this morning. Each time I said it the kids involved either-

a. just stopped what they were doing/asking for


b. repeated the inappropriate behaviour or asked again (the more persistent ones!) I simply said, “No!” again and they gave in.

Kids like to push the boundaries and some will push further and more determinedly. That’s fine- shows strength of character. Still say, NO!”

If your child is doing something inappropriate or asking for something you don’t want to give simply say it.

They will thank you one day.

If you don’t discipline your child, the world will- and in a much harsher, unkind way!

NO is not a loaded word- just a word that conveys a clear meaning. You can’t do that and I mean it!

Have a look at this fantastic article and maybe stop continually justifying your NO!



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