What is the lesson for us?
We have just witnessed a nWorld povertyight of terror, misery, violence and senseless deaths in Paris.
Young people who would rather die in what they perceive to be a glorious end where they will be remembered as martyrs!
Innocent people who just happened to be there.
We start to see all the right-wing forces of darkness coming out and blaming it all on Muslims, migrants etc.
This has nothing to do with religion. This is all about alienation, lack of values, understanding, sense of hopelessness, lack of purpose and desperate unhappiness.
If you want to see the beginning of this terrible alienation- look at the freezing conditions in the snowy camps in Lebanon. http://youtu.be/chTrI36rWSE
How will these children up with a sense of purpose?
Look at the Palestinian camps- whole generations have now lived there in conditions that none of us could even contemplate.
And yet we ignore this and just mutter about Islamists, Jihadists and bumble on in a dangerous fog of misunderstanding.
Conditions like this will always cause anger and deep alienation.
The anger spreads and alienated youth all over the world are swept up with it and empowered by the evil words that pour forth from those who seek to control, take vengeance and turn us back to the dark ages.
I have no answers- only a deep sadness today but this I know……..
• We have to start looking at our cossetted, indulgent lifestyles and spreading our blessings.
• We need to help ALL children feel loved, part of our community and with a sense of purpose.
• ALL children must be educated and helped to feel the deep sense of culture, tradition and values from their communities.
• Each one of us can take more interest in each other, our families, neighbours and communities.
For pity’s sake and for the sake of the next generation:


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