The ABC of Child Whispering: Q is for QUIET

Kids need to be quiet sometimes and thrive with regular doses of silence.

However, they are often uncomfortable with silence because they don’t experience it. They are very rarely given the chance to be immersed in the profound silences that soothe and heal us.

Parents and teachers can set out to deliberately set up silent or near silent situations for children.

It’s like a re-boot for them (and for us).

Emotions settle, thoughts are gathered and new insights occur.

The spaces between are where intrapersonal intelligence can grow and lead to much deeper learning.

Teachers can-

Have quiet, restful music playing as kids complete work- especially writing.

Allow a few minutes “thinking” time between classes.

Take children through brief mindfulness sessions each day.

Parents can-

Encourage some silent reading time each evening.

Go for a listening walk- no talking allowed!

Regularly take children to wilderness places so they can connect deeply with nature

Family drawing/art time with quiet music.

Encourage children to sit quietly and observe birds, breezes blowing grasses or shapes of clouds.

Silence can heal, deepen learning, center us and leads us back to our true selves.

Silence heals our souls and helps us to join the dots of our disordered and untidy existences.

Try a slice of silence today and feel yourself calm and focus!

Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness. Wayne Dyer



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