The ABC of Child Whispering: S IS FOR STRANGE

Kids LOVE strange things.

They absolutely love-


Black holes

Horrible histories

Strange animals

Weird inventions

Leonardo da Vinci

Black holes





You can never get bored when you work with children!

They have that amazing sense of wonder and awe and a HUGE curiosity for their surroundings.

We are offering GENIUS HOUR time on Saturday mornings to help kids explore projects of passion to them and I am pretty sure there will be some VERY strange subjects!

This week during our SUPER SCIENCE SATURDAY time we are learning about the collision of black holes and the kids will LOVE it. They love “frontier learning.” They love to play around the edges of what is known and unknown. They love to speculate and this is where we leap into writing projects- in this case: I was sinking into the spinning black hole…….

This is a great list to help your kids- and you- to celebrate the strange!

Friday 13th and Halloween are both approaching. Let’s celebrate the strange this year. I have learning packages on Teachers Pay Teachers for Friday 13th (tomorrow!) and Halloween-

After all – the strange of today will be the known of the future.

Remember when a trip to the moon was a really weird, strange concept?

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