The ABC of Child Whispering: W is for WILD and WACKY


Children love wild and wacky things!

They love crazy slapstick humour, making silly, scary masks, wearing unicorn hair, shoes that sparkle and skate, toys that say unexpected things and cushions that make rude noises when you sit on them!

They have wild and wacky senses of humour that often disconcert and puzzle us! It’s not easy to re-enter childhood and get in touch with your inner “wild and wacky” when you are trying to e a sensible adult – but try it occasionally!

The kids I teach have insisted I read some of their wild and wacky favourite books and I do it- even though my teacher voice keeps trying to intrude and tell me these books are not appropriate. I call this voice my  “inner snob!”

I’m glad I have read some- they didn’t take long and they helped me understand what works for kids.  I don’t like these books and they don’t resonate with me but that’s not the point – my street cred has risen and I am able to “get” what works for THEM!

I am in the business of getting the most reluctant readers to choose books to engage them so I cannot ignore these incredibly popular books and I am grateful to their authors for helping me re-engage and failing kids and persuade them to read.

We don’t have to always provide literature with wild and wacky themes but DO provide access to these books and don’t stop kids enjoying them.

Think back to your childhood and the books/comics you hugely enjoyed.

I can still remember Wednesday mornings were special because my SCHOOL FRIEND comic would be pushed though the letter box early in the morning and I would pad quietly down the hall to pick it up, dive back into bed, sniff the pages (a pleasure that has stayed with me all my life) and devour the whole publication before breakfast! I would then re-read excerpts all week until the next exciting Wednesday morning……..

A great example of a wild and wacky book is the hugely successful WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak.

All kids have been a wild there- they are all in touch with their inner Max! Parents and teachers need to find their inner wild thing again to understand what is happening here!

The recent Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton is another example. Children greet each new added book with HUGE delight, giggles and pleasure and love to read them.

The American cartoonist Dav Pilkey has invented the absolutely mind-boggling (at least for adults) DOG MAN series.

These books are devoured by children. They are considered“cool” and all kids want to be seen with these books in their hands!

I loan books to children who attend classes tuition and these are among the most popular. They literally walk off my bookshelves so fast and I know they will be enjoyed.

Sure- we want them to read other “approved” and classic books but let them have some of their choices too!



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