I realised this morning that it is well over a month since I wrote in here. Most educators suffer the same at this time of year-the frantic scramble to get reports finished, parent counselling, programs planned for the following year and pulling all the threads of the year together so that Christmas can happen!

We are all so exhausted by the end of the year and many teachers report the “time to get sick syndrome” where they fall ill during holidays as their poor. exhausted bodies try to recover and replenish!

I am watching this whole busyness cycle with a somewhat analytical and removed eye as I am preparing material for a time management course.

We are launching a new time management course next year and extensively researching material for this. I want to aim the course (and hopefully the accompanying book” at people who tend to think in a whole brained or right brained manner and not notice details-they often have a rather optimistic view of time!

I am painfully aware that preparation for the Christmas rush (at least in educational settings), needs to start in June! In many ways it is all about self-discipline and time-lining.

I aim to not say the word BUSY next year! In fact I am starting to ardently dislike the word as it means a mindless amount of activity that occurs to try and catch up with tasks that should have been started a long time ago! (At least in my case!)

To write this course and book I need to “walk my talk” and clean up my own act!

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