I sat for a while this morning under my Christmas tree. Tomorrow is Twelth Night and tradition tells me to take down the decorations tomorrow. This will be especially hard this year because Martin and I started a new tradition this year. We prayed over every ornament, bauble, angel etc and dedicated 1 to each person in our lives. We asked God for health, prosperity and success for each and the tree has seemed very special this year! As we take them down tomorrow, it will be in silence and in prayer and more prayers will be added-the children at Sandy Hook, the firemen who were gunned down recently and the terrified people of Syria.
This year we have purchased a new tree in the sales and so this little one will be given away but it has served us well and brought much joy!
All the children of ICE-both here and overseas, are represented on the tree and I have decided to make a new Tree of Love and leave it up all year. All the children will be added and prayed for regularly as well as family, friends, colleagues and clients. I want our organisation to be surrounded in a huge ball of positivity and love this year and this will be a beginning! I have no idea how I will make this but no doubt as I sit on the beach this morning the ideas will flow in! Within this huge ball of love, we need to practise self nurture and love -so the beach is the first place for me today before the cares of the day crowd in for notice!

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