We have just returned from training teachers in JOLLY PHONICS and JOLLY GRAMMAR in Katanning and Harvey- sooooooo good to get away and just reflect!

Staring at empty paddocks, trees that all lean the same way, cows that looks so content (but I still bought Harvey beef to feast on today!) and hills, valleys and narrow winding rivers that call out for exploration!

Do we get enough of this THINK time?

I certainly don’t and I doubt my colleagues and kids we teach do either! And yet-Martin and I managed to formulate some really great plans, I redesigned some of my books and still had time to wonder and dream-and all over a few days!
The actual quality of my thinking seems to improve when not under stress-how can we make this happen more often?

I am starting to see how days off are absolutely essential-even for a workaholic like me! I am also starting to wonder if the educational decisions and programs offered to children really have enough thinking behind them? Do decision makers and the writers of programs REALLY reflect and consider? If so-why do kids so often get stuck with programs that do not suit their learning styles and achievement levels?

Teachers are under so much pressure in this country from national testing and new National curriculum requirements- will they be able to really reflect on their class teaching programs anymore? I doubt it!

Stressed teachers=stressed kids=lower achievement

Food for thought!

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  1. Yes I agree with you. We seem to all live in a world of immediacy. Telling somebody you would like to think about something before you make a decision is somehow not acceptable.

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