We Begin……….

This first day of the holiday BOOST program always feels strange- like we are all in slow motion! I think it is because at the end of the year we are all running as fast as we can-then we break and relax and then back to it, and yet back with a calmer spirit. Somehow after rest we are able to see the “whole picture” again and really enjoy the teaching process.
We noticed the students were far more relaxed and receptive. I am always surprised by how much the children achieve during the holidays. It really does bear out the research that shows relaxed students learn more!
The whole day flowed so easily and none of us felt tired or stressed. We have only had about 1 week off (students have had 2), but the difference in tension levels is HUGE!
All through the holidays we are working on our special theme packs to interest the children and help them enjoy the “wholeness” of learning. I am convinced we need to teach in a very focused, explicit way but within a meaningful, enjoyable theme that MATTERS to children. For me-nothing beats the shining eyes of a bunch of children totally engaged and interested in the subject matter.
Really teaching children has to be the most sacred profession of all!

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