I was out with my wonderful daughter yesterday when she pointed out a sad sight. A young man was emerging from behind a bin and removing a strap from his arm after shooting up with something.

I felt so sad-to be so close to him and yet so far from what was causing him to do this. How are we failing kids so badly that they turn to really hard drugs? Soft drugs have always been around and will always be used – changing slightly for each generation. But this is different- this is seriously addictive substances being injected into a young man’s arm to help him feel OK-to cope with this world we have made. So what sort of a world are we making for kids? Is it time we took a good, hard and searching look at this question, rather than simply discussing the “drug problem”.? Is it a “world problem”-could it be that we have made this place so black/pessimistic/joyless/crazy/busy/polluted that young people are voting with their feet and choosing to seriously opt out?

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