Just watching Malala address the United Nations tonight. She was the courageous young girl shot at close range by the Taliban- but they lost and she survived. Now she has united the whole world and a 16 year old girl is addressing the United Nations- it is her birthday! What a special privilege to witness this!

Watching this well spoken and passionate, intelligent young woman- it is so apparent she is going to be a strong leader for her people and especially for women and girls.

She wants all children to be able to attend school and power to her!
Ban Ki-moon, secretary of UN pointed out Malala was targeted because she was determined to learn! Half of the world population are under 25- this world is young! They MUST have access to education.

These girls are not alone- let’s fight this good fight and win! 57 million of children are not in school. Most of these children are from conflict ridden areas and most are girls. The UN have undertaken a huge project -by the end of 2015 to have every child at school.

No child should fear to learn and no teacher fear to teach.
The Taliban are right to be frightened of this young woman. She is spelling out their demise.

In Malala’s own words: The pen is mightier than the sword!

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