Crazy Speak

Picture of Victoria Carlton       I was driving home today, listening to a psychiatrist talking about teenagers with mental problems-she stated we need to help young people develop normal mental trajectories. I’ve always considered a trajectory to describe the path of a moving object-how does it get used in this context? Why not say, “normal development” or “mentally healthy?”

There is so much of this “crazy-speak” around and it tends to fog real issues.

Take for instance these 2 disorders- CD- Conduct disorder and ODD- Oppositional Defiance Disorder!

Both the above conditions could more aptly be called NLFD- Needs Loving Firm Discipline!

More and more, professionals use language to elevate themselves and create divides between themselves and their clients.

This is insulting, insensitive and clearly unhelpful to the families and children who need the help of these ego bound professionals!

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