EQ4 2012

We just finished our first EQ4KIDZ course for this year with an amazing group of children-10 kids with their dreams, wishes for the year, hopes, problems but so much DETERMINATION! If I had to sum up this group it would be COURAGE!

It amazes me that each group is so different-develops its own “flavour” and by the end has a really cohesive feeling.

I am also constantly amazed that children really WANT to talk about their “stuff”-emotions, their dreams, anger, problems etc. We have just seen the research on our course from the Masters thesis completed by Lynne Oliver and we are thrilled! We knew we were getting results but it is wonderful to have this ratified. Our aim is to get this course out to ALL Aussie schools during the next 5 years. We are also offering it in Singapore.

Staff who worked with me on this workshop would agree-the kids taught us SO much! Each time we run the course I am stunned by how much we learn from children. I thought I was the author of this course but I am getting a strong intuition that children are the real writers and crafters of EQ4KIDZ!

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