I was saddened to see the peaceful protest in Indonesia turn violent this week.

Recently I visited Jakarta to present some literacy workshops. I met amazing passionate educators and just like on my previous visit, I was struck by the friendly attitudes and smiles from everyone I encountered.

After 2 days of presenting I was ready to relax!  I stood peering into the enveloping darkness from a high hotel room and was struck by the distance and the number of homes I could see. I felt like an eagle!

And then it came: the call to prayer. It started in one place and was soon joined by others all over the city until the night resonated with these sacred words and music. I haven’t a clue what the words say but I was totally struck by the beauty and holiness of the sounds. I have heard the call for prayer many times but this time I felt the power of a whole city at prayer. There was only one thing to do- join them so I dropped to my knees and joined in.

How different the world might be if we all prayed together in this fashion many times each day?

This week as the world waits to see if Americans really would elect a seemingly crazy person as their President, we should ALL be on our knees!

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