We are making a HUGE mistake in Australia with the panic and emphasis put on NAPLAN testing. Even Government schools are spending inordinate amounts of time and money practising for these tests and coaching kids for the tests. Schools, Principals and teachers feel judged by the results and parents are stressed to the max!

Sure-some coaching is OK and all teachers and parents would like to see their kids do well and of course the results do impinge on the self-esteem of the kids.

BUT-it is the huge amount of time taken out of teaching time to do this that alarms me. Surely rich, well balanced and systematic literacy and numeracy programs taught by trained and caring teachers is the best preparation for improved results?

Instead of this we have endless hours of time wasted where chn have to sit for mock tests, “off-Naplan” year prep and testing and less time spent actually teaching!

With our alarming literacy results in Aus it is time to return to allow our fine teachers to do what they do best-TEACH!!! We simply do not have the time to spend on all this mock testing.

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