This is RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS week and I am reminded of how crucial KINDNESS is for education.
I was asking children at our centre last week about favourite teachers they have had-amazing how many times the work KIND came up! Not one child commented , “She taught me maths really well”. They ALL commented on attributes such as KIND, INTERESTING, LOVED ART, SENSE OF FUN etc! We know children learn more when they are relaxed so we need to permeate our classrooms and all education/tuition centres with a sense of love and kindness. Children will feel affirmed, nurtured and then they can engage with our teaching and grow.
Of course also applies to teachers themselves. They also need to feel affirmed and nurtured, and busy administrators may not always realise this. As educators it is vital we –
take time out
nurture ourselves with beauty
feed our minds with wonderful literature and films
reflect on our work and congratulate ourselves for successes
admit when we need help and ask for it!

Education around the world would be revolutionised if from today teachers, children, parents and administrators all practised kindness EVERY DAY!

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