Scary, slimy learning happening at ICE this Saturday!

balloonWe have just finished another Super Science Saturday and again the message is clear! Children with their innate curiosity LOVE experiments and are never bored with the world around them!

Last week we did an experiment with static electricity, balloons and tissue paper ghosts- they insisted on repeating it again and again!

Later we did an experiment to make candy worms wriggle– it didn’t work well and we had to do it 3 times and try and figure out what variables needed changing. So much thinking and learning!

We also learned about our bones by using cotton buds to make skeletons!

Because the learning activities (literacy and numeracy), are peppered amongst the science experiments the children hardly notice they are actually working really hard!

I notice children often turn up 30 minutes early- a clear sign they are enjoying themselves! Many children elect to do a double session- another clear sign they LOVE science enough to give up their precious Saturday mornings!

I often have this sense of excitement Friday mornings because frankly I NEVER know exactly what the outcome of Super Science Saturday will be– I just know that science is most definitely the fastest path to get most kids to feel invigorated about learning and make fast progress!

This Saturday we have a full morning of Halloween experiments, horrible creative writing exercises, ghastly art/craft and nasty maths! I can’t wait! bones

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