She can even teach the dog to read!

dog in glasses with a book

Today I read about how dogs are being used in Lancaster County to encourage kids to read. I was immediately catapulted back down a time tunnel to a previous time!

I was teaching kids from a back room in my house and had about 15 kids reading, writing etc on my enclosed back verandah. My greatly beloved dog of the time (Zach), was outside and constantly barking.

I told the kids I would try to quieten him as it was quite annoying. I grabbed a large piece of paper and wrote in thick marker:

I held it up to the window, thinking he would take no notice at all. 14 kids watched! Imagine my surprise when a rather startled dog stared at the sign and went completely quiet!

One of the boys commented in a reverent tone- “She can even teach the dog to read!”

My greatest moment of fame! Thanks Zach!

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