Careful- I can hear you now!

loud1 I can hear clearly now the wax has gone. I can hear all sorts of things I should not hear!

I can hear clearly now the wax has gone. It’s gonna be a loud, loud, interesting year!

(abject apologies to Johnny Nash!)

I have just had my ears syringed out by a wonderful health professional who knows me well. She warned me I might feel unbalanced and she was frankly amazed I could still hear anything at all! I fly frequently and over the last few cold and flu infested winters had built up my own candle making factory.

However – the magical moment arrived when finally the sound came in and for the last week I have felt like Alice in Wondersoundland!

My aunt and I had champagne and oysters in Harrods straight afterwards and I swear I heard enough whispered conversations to bring down the House of Lords!

For the past week I have heard EVERYTHING and I am like a kid with auditory processing issues. What shall I listen to? They are ALL interesting???

I am like an owl inclining my neck this way and that to catch all the things I should not be hearing!

Kids will NEVER be able to have hidden conversations again- I can hear the lot!

The dishwasher is so loud it frightens me and don’t even talk about the dryer- that puts me under the table!

But the point is- what to listen to? All these competing sounds and many of them boring so I am paying attention to the interesting ones- like the whispered conversation between the middle aged business man and his secretary on the table next to ours at dinner last night!

No wonder children choose not to listen to us! While I had the wax issues, all I could concentrate on was what I was doing. Now I am an ADHD nightmare going from one inbox DING to the next and eavesdropping on naughty conversations! There is something to learn here but I am too busy listening to the very loud bird noises outside this window and the traffic noise from the highway that I never heard before!

What a very loud world we live in!


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