I love FractionsCongratulations to our wonderful student who did so well with FRACTIONS last week at school. Charlotte is an excellent example of a very bright child whose learning style does not always coincide with the ones offered in school.
Ask her ANYTHING about nature and she will astound you! Charlotte is our consultant environmentalist and keeps us all up to date with endangered species etc.
We use teaching techniques that often leap ahead of the curriculum. Some children hear it, disregard but register the information somewhere deep inside, some grab it because they are ready and Charlotte was one of those!
This is what happened with fractions. Because we use a multi-age approach Charlotte had the opportunity to hear older children learning about fractions and when her class eventually started it she KNEW and recognised the concepts. She absolutely ran with it and proved to herself, her class and her teacher and adoring Mums HOW SMART she is and of course this is now a corner turned for Charlotte- not just a corner- a veritable U turn! She knows she CAN do it now and I know for sure the rate of progress will now step up!

We need to stop putting age-limits on learning- give them the knowledge when they are ready!


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