As usual after our annual holiday, I start updating and writing new content for all our courses. For a long time I have known I should write a course on CHILD WHISPERING and share what it really entails and we are launching this course in Singapore in October.
As I write this course and consider content and ideas one concept becomes abundantly clear- this cannot be learned at speed. It takes time, patience and acute observational skills to learn to “Child Whisper”. You have to do the following and a great deal more-
* Be prepared to find out many of your assumptions and beliefs about the child were wrong. Be prepared for some surprises!
* Learn to get back into your “kid-spirit” and look at the child from a fresh perspective.
* Be WITH the child and don’t try to always lead. You need to earn their trust and this can take a long, long time!
* Understand that if you do not really LOVE children, you will NEVER succeed at CHILD WHISPERING because they will know! Children are far more discerning than adults and they see right through imposters!
Is it worth all the energy and time? Yes, yes and again YES! When you can really develop that empathy you can easily understand a child and provide for their needs and this makes a HUGE difference to their learning!
I will add more on this subject over the next few days as I make my long journey back to the world of WA, winter and responsibilities- the holidays are over and new beginnings are appearing! If any of you are interested in attending the 1 day CHILD WHISPERING workshop in Singapore in October, please contact Chew Yeh at We will also offer this workshop in Perth from February next year!


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