The Optimistic, Happy Term (for kids AND teachers!)

My students are much happier this term. There are more smiles, renewed enthusiasm, less coughs and sneezes, more energy and a general optimistic air!

As Aus warms seems to me that Aussie Kids warm as well and already I can note jumps of progress and renewed determination. I LOVE teaching this term. It doesn’t feel like work as we seem to pull together with more energy and a  sense of fun and cooperation.

Perhaps it’s due to the celebrations this term- Deepavali, Halloween and then the glitz and wonder of Christmas and then the HOLIDAYS!

Whatever it is- my students- both group and individual, seem to learn more, at a faster rate and really enjoy the process.

This is the term when I can throw in a few challenges and push my students to the max! I am always stunned by the rate of progress- even in the last 3 weeks!
I wish ALL students- mine and others- the happiest of all terms and hope the feeling of optimism and enthusiasm lingers to the very last day!
Enjoy TERM 4 and all the joys and celebrations- and esprcially enjoy this wonderful Spring weather!

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