What Hudson Taught Me

I have had a little “just under 2” child staying at my house for a few days and his Mum boldly told me, “We are not leaving till you have taught Hudson to read!”

MMMMM- bit of a challenge there!
Joanna (my daughter), grabbed the Jolly Phonics manual and made some flash cards of the first few lessons and taught Hudson the sounds and actions. Amazingly he just learned them and now LOVES to practise- until he gets bored and wanders off to ride his bike or whatever!
I realised when he left that Hudson taught and re-taught me quite a few lessons that ALL hudcteachers need to remember. He taught me more than I taught him! Here are a few things I learned about toddlers!
• Don’t push it- when the learning is over, it’s OVER.
• Young children can easily learn the sounds and in fact enjoy this.
• Children will take your specially constructed games and invent even more interesting games to play!
• Music and movement trumps everything else!
• Humour and a good dose of silliness makes EVERYTHING work!
• Strong colours in books really attract.
• Children do not need expensive toys. In fact almost everything you need to teach a toddler is already in your house!
Kids want to do EVERYTHING themselves!hude
They have an insatiable curiosity and are therefore completely open for learning!
There is no joy greater than playing with a completely free and inventive, creative toddler.
If you can- arrange to spend a few hours with a toddler this week. You will re-discover your inner child and be forced to be creative!
Hudson’s coming for the day on Friday and I’m excited!


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