Yesterday we were at the MRT station on the way to meet friends and as usual most people were totally absorbed in phones, facebooks, music or reading. I looked all around Clarke Quay station to see if ANYONE was just thinking, looking around but no-EVERYONE was plugged in apart from one child who was reading. It was as if we were totally unaware of each other and all in our own little bubbles. I wanted to yell loudly-BOO- I’M HERE AND SO ARE YOU-LET’S TALK!!! See the thing is-NO-ONE was talking, looking at each other and this continued on and off the train. A pink elephant in yellow pyjamas could have jumped on the train and would be totally ignored. We are so self-absorbed and so reliant on our technological crutches-how will it be in 100 years?
It is exactly the same here in Australia. What is this doing for our brains? Maybe it is OK but I don’t think so. There must be time to just sit and wonder and think rather than incessantly checking messages and photos. Our Intrapersonal and Interpersonal intelligences will vanish altogether if we don’t use them.

The only people watching, looking and wondering are the children and sadly no-one is looking at them as they are totally plugged in to their devices! Actually it is pretty weird and will have such a negative effect on thinking, social interactions and emotional intelligence.

It is as if we have become technological zombies-WAKE UP RIGHT NOW EVERYONE WHILE WE STILL CAN!

Somehow we need to look at this deeply. So many children I assess are absolutely addicted to technology and I-pads are now regularly used as babysitters.

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