Thank a teacher today……

My colleagues are doing it tough.

The Corona Virus pandemic has changed the landscape completely. Teachers have to help children learn social distancing procedures – something that NEVER comes easily for children, wash hands thoroughly and somehow carry on with their teaching loads.

They are also preparing online courses and take-home packs as the closure of some schools is inevitable. Teachers are doing their best to make sure their students will not be educationally disadvantaged.

Apart from all these duties, teachers are helping children deal with their very real fears about this virus. Children see the panic buying clips on TV and many  are extremely stressed and worried if they even sneeze or get a mild cold.

We forget that teachers also have their own families to be concerned about; also have aging parents and also cannot buy any toilet paper!

When you pick up your children after school today, tell their teacher how much you appreciate all their efforts. Put a smile on a tired teacher’s face today and maybe gift them a roll of toilet paper!!

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