The ABC of Child Whispering: V is for VACATIONS

I keep a lot of detailed observational records of the kids we teach and I see a large spike in improvement levels at the beginning of each term. This data is consistent and it does not surprise me!


Children are more responsive, relaxed and above all refreshed!

Kids need holidays and they don’t need every day to be crowded out with planned activities.

Give them some time to do NOTHING, whatever time, PJ time – whatever you want to call it! I assure you relaxed and refreshed kids will achieve more during the following term.


Set an example yourself. Make sure children see you occasionally doing NOTHING on holidays. It is only by emptying our minds that new ideas, insights and understandings can flood in.

Time off is NEVER time wasted.

Plan your next PJ day today!

I’m writing this in my PJs while propped up in a hotel room in Bali so I should know! I have had 4 full days of space to empty and think and my mind is starting to flow with ideas again.

It is like letting the tide go right out so it can flow back in with more vigour!


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