Tips for cheap, sane “stay at home” (almost) school holidays!


Cute child draws with color felt-tip pens, isolated over white

By Victoria Carlton

  • Lock up the digital devices and chase the kids outside. (When not pouring!)
  • Invite the neighbourhood kids over for casual play- ditch the “play-date” mentality. Just let it happen.
  • Set up a reading time every afternoon for 40 minutes. (This is so YOU can read your book!)
  • Grab a large box and fill with junk- tissue boxes, rolls, empty food packets and containers and plenty of masking tape and scissors. Then ask them to make something. (Don’t specify) Tell them you will spray paint it silver or gold if they really plan their junk sculpture, can tell you about it and write a short description. (You will need to buy cheap spray paint and YOU do this when they are asleep.
  • Restrict TV and encourage painting, playdough and drawing. Sure you get some mess but this is worthwhile fun and they will be learning.
  • Put out food on your bench-top each lunch-time and let them make their own (often weird) concoctions!
  • Encourage children to start a Spring garden. Let them have their own small area to weed, dig and plant some seeds and watch for growth!
  • It’s getting towards that time of the year so ask children to start a list of cards to make and home-made gifts.
  • If you DO go out, visit local parks, go for walks, sketch some plants, visit the local library and at all costs STAY AWAY FROM SHOPS!
  • The wild-flowers are astounding this year so consider a bus to King’s Park. Kids LOVE public transport and it makes a change from the stress of driving and finding parking spots.
  • Let the kids have at least 1 PJ day. (You join them!)
  • Tell them you need a holiday too so keep to reasonable bedtimes so you can relax in evenings and above all encourage sleep-ins!

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