I have used JOLLY PHONICS and JOLLY GRAMMAR for over 20 years and never expected to still feel this excited and enthusiastic.

It fascinates me that the results for this program continue to grow, and I am continually finding more ways to use these programs to help children. Many of the JOLLY products have been “freshened” up and given a more “now” look. The students I teach with these programs NEVER get bored with the programs.

Because it is so multisensory with actions and colours it appeals to all kids and they fully engage with all aspects.

Teachers need to weave these programs in with their writing and literature programs so children develop an understanding that these phonics, grammar and concepts are an integral part of reading and writing.

If you haven’t yet explored these programs do some research: www.jollylearning.co.uk

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar now cover the entire pre-school and Primary grades. These targeted, systematic programs are all supported with examples of lesson plans, many well thought out lesson plans and lots of extra creative ideas on their website not to mention the many helpful facebook pages and friendly whatsapp groups.

I have some full day ZOOM Jolly Grammar workshops coming up in 20th June (Jolly Grammar 1.2.3) and 23rd June (Jolly Grammar 4,5,6)

Please contact me if you would like any more information about these wonderful, child-centred programs.

victoriacarlton@iinet.net.au or  join our whats app group : https://chat.whatsapp.com/EHQmQrP3B6DGjgQRYtM9NN

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