Well-just reading what I had written just before New Year! That seems like a million miles away and yet-it IS still a new year!
We had a full quota of kids for holiday programs last week and it was so good to see our usual families, meet many new ones and help them prepare for the year ahead. There is something wonderful about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. There was one moment last week when a 5 year old said to me, so proudly, “I’m wearing a belt”! I replied, “Are you really? Show me”.
He so proudly lifted his T-shirt to show me his new best and when I told him it was the coolest belt in the world he just glowed! When was the last time we felt like that about something we wear?
There is a joy and energy that surrounds teaching but so often we get bogged down with marking, results, discipline etc and do not get to the heart of the matter-the children themselves. They are infinitely full of possibilities-not just because they are young but because they BELIEVE. A few years ago I asked a little 6 year old girl what she would like to be- ” a ballet dance and a truck driver” was her response-more power to her!!

So this year-I want to dream ICE some more-dream up possibilities and see what the children can teach us-not just what we can teach them! Their teaching curriculum is more vast and intiguing than ours will ever be!

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