Children are amazing! We need to learn from THEM!

I was recently working with a child who has difficulty processing sounds as she writes. We had tried various methods that “sort of” helped but there was some distance to go!  Her reading was rapidly improving- but NOT her spelling!

She is a very observant child and always looking for an adventure!

I have some castanets I use to introduce the c/k/ck sound in Jolly Phonics. Sophie’s sharp eyes spotted them and wanted to know what they were and why they were in my classroom.

I explained and she seemed to be happy. We continued sounding out some words from our word-lists, clapping out sounds and tapping on the table.

Suddenly, Sophie stood up and grabbed one of the castanets. She started sounding out words while clicking the castanets- a click for each sound!  I stared as she confidently worked her way through the word list.

When we moved into dictation she listened carefully and then wrote every word with  100% accuracy as she literally clicked her way through each word.

I just sat there in complete shock. After all my methods, apps, games etc- she chose something that worked for her.

Sophie is going very fast with her spelling skills now and this is largely due to “CLICK SPELLING!”

Try it- it may or may not work for your children, but the real take-a-way is to allow children to have some choice in methods that work for them- and they might be unusual!


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