Does ART really make us SMART?

Pictures like this have far-reaching effects!

Does ART really make us smart?
Turns out it does and I have included some links to prove my point.
I have noticed that when my sessions begin with ANY sort of art, children pay closer attention, concentrate more fully and enjoy the learning and relax.

It is a no-brainer for me: START WITH ART and get better academic results!
Lately, I have been using DIRECTED DRAWINGS as the process forces children to pay attention, carry out sequenced instructions and feel pride in their finished work-engendering an I CAN attitude before we even commence academic work.

There are many of these on you-tube, Pinterest, and sites such as Twinkl and Teachers Pay Teachers. Have a look- they are also great for adults.

Basically, they all involve students looking, often listening to directions and copying carefully and they are usually pretty happy with the results- even when they are convinced they have zilch art ability.

What’s NOT to love about this learning enhancement tool?

Blogger and Digital Marketer, Maria Bereket gives 8 major reasons Art has huge benefits for students.

As well as other benefits, ART heightens brain activity, develops core skills, enhances well-being, makes us more attentive and increases creativity.

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