JOLLY LEARNING delivers FAST literacy improvement for all kids.

I have used JOLLY PHONICS and JOLLY GRAMMAR for over 20 years to help children improve literacy skills. I am NEVER disappointed.

It is a foolproof system and all you have to do is read the handbooks, stick with the suggested system and make sure you use it at least 3-4 times each week.

Even once or twice will give you observable results.

Each level has a handbook and there are numerous quality resources that can be used to deepen the learning.

It comes with digital support, reading books and a great deal of support:

It can easily be adapted for on-line learning as it already has the digital resources and detailed lesson plans in the handbooks.

As far as I am concerned, it works because of its multisensory, lock-step approach to learning. I have had many children with serious deficits in learning and this program ALWAYS works. Children enjoy the approach and are so proud of their results!

I suggest that ALL pre-schools and schools utilise this approach as most participating children will be at least one year ahead with their literacy results. There is SO much research around this program and I believe children should always be offered the best!

Jolly Learning provides an excellent literacy foundation for ALL young children.

I work closely with September 21 in Singapore to provide literacy professional development to schools in Australia and SE Asia. We have many ZOOM training sessions to choose from- depending on your available time.

This Sunday 16th August 4-6pm we have a JOLLY PHONICS basics course that will get you started and provide you with the skills you need to get young children successfully reading and writing. There are some places available. Please email me – or to confirm your place.

The course has been fairly- priced at $80.




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