Learning Multiplication Tables

Knowing the times-tables is non-negotiable in my classes. You simply cannot enjoy maths and do well until you can automatically recall them.

Before children start to learn them, they must understand what they are doing.

Sorting socks or shoes into pairs, popsticks into groups of 3, playing with dice  etc helps children to make a clear visual pattern and develop understanding. The general concept of “groups” “lots of” “multiply” “times” must be established first.

hey have to be learned over and over to become automatic. We have to “over-learn” them so even when we know them, we keep going so we NEVER have to think of them again!

There are many ways to learn them but by far the best is to simply write them out over and over again- just 10 miutes a day will suffice. Writing them with bright markers will help their brains to really notice the patterns.


So- if a child needs to learn their 4x table they can see how many times they can write it out in 10 minutes and do that 5x in a week.

Don’t let them do this:
3x   etc etc etc!

By writing it a little at a time they will only remember it a little at a time.

The table needs to be written in its entirety.

e.g. 1×4=4          2×4=8

They need to learn all these tables- right up till 12, before year 5 and DEFINITELY before year 7.

There are helpful videos and apps and I have listed some below but the BEST WAY and MOST EFFECTIVE is to simply have the child write them out on scrap paper for 10 minutes and also say them in order- aloud!

Then you can quiz them.  e.g. what is 4×6 etc


Maths Rockx app  – we use this often!


A VERY helpful site with lots of hints and printables-


This is excellent!

Don’t let your children give up. They NEED these tables in order to be successful with maths. Ten minutres a day will nail it!

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