Why do so many kids HATE maths? I work with kids who never get to see how elegant, satisfying and fascinating this subject is!!! In a world full of uncertainty and random happenings, maths offers logical patterns, predictable outcomes and fascinating insights! The regular use of maths sharpens logic-maths intelligence and helps develop a sense of order and harmony for us all.

To awake this love of maths, as educators we must provide maths games, maths related art, “hands-on” maths so children can really “see” what they are doing and truly understand at a deep level.

We seem to note these problems with children around 8-9 years-just the time that children are often denied the relevant, practical experiential learning they need for a thorough understanding of maths concepts. It is never too late though and I note with pleasure our children at ICE on the floor with games and fun-all learning maths at all ages!

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