I am here in Singapore on one of my usual trips and this is always such a special time of the year for me. When I visit during Ramadan there is a special feeling here. Sure there are the delights of the Ramadan markets in Geylang Serai or the amazing Malay foods such as delicious kuih- but it is  and almost indefinable “something else” I am referring to.

That something else is about the uniting self-discipline of the Muslim faith- a faith where people from 5 years onwards can fast from sunrise to sundown and not complain or whinge! I have had many fasters in my classes during this trip and past ones and not once heard a complaint!

I think of my feeble efforts to fast at Lent and Advent and wonder! This ability to take united action and fast with love and self-discipline must be so good for children as well as adults. We are severely short of self-discipline in the world today and we can all learn from the steadfastness of our Muslim friends during this special time!

Each time I hear the call to prayer from a mosque my spirit is uplifted and I am reminded to nurture and recognise the sacred in each person I meet. We also need to do this with children. I have conducted many assessments during the last 2 weeks- both here in Singapore and in Perth. Each one of these children had truly different learning styles, personalities, dreams and yearnings and totally different cocktails of the various intelligences. Each one must be helped with love to reach their potential and accorded respect and honour.

Teaching is a sacred duty that requires heart, soul, prayer and a great deal of self-discipline as well as creativity. Once again I feel revitalised by being here at this special sacred time and I honour and salute all my Muslim colleagues and friends around the world!

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