I am sitting at St Pancras station waiting to go to Paris and then Rhodes (volcano permitting!)

What a trip this has been-a wonderful 11 days in Singapore-consolidating programs, meeting potential licencees etc and then to London. London-so full of excitement/weird sights/feeling that anything could happen at any stage! Running around art galleries-soaking up favourite paintings plus lovely sunshine-and then IT arrives! IT being a nasty, nasty virus/flu/whatever-the sort that saps you-sucks up all your energy and just leaves you dreaming of pillow! I had forgotten to rest and pushed myself to the limit-this is a real lesson-woke up 2 days ago feeling fine and thought about the real meaning of health and being in harmony. People like me tend to dwell too much in our heads and I am going to remedy this. Diet/exercise/timeout for dreaming-will all get my attention! So often this has happened in my life-go on holidays when absolutely worn out and all reserves gone!

So-my joy button is back on and Paris is beckoning with all the delicious cafe sitting, ideas gathering and totally relaxed feelings I always associate with it.

Norwich was as always wonderful. I don’t think I have ever seen a city that has so much to offer!

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